Athlete Profile: Bonnie Glover – Denver, CO

This week sees our first athlete profile.   We’d like to introduce Bonnie Glover, triathlete, skier, and advocate of an active life in Colorado.  She is an inspiration, placing in her age group in triathlons and balancing training with her family and work life.

Meet Bonnie, an inspiration, my running partner, and a great friend.

Athlete Profile
Finishing the Tri for the Cure 2010

Athlete: Bonnie Glover

Residence: Denver, Colorado USA

Age Group:  50-55

What sports do you participate in? running, biking, skiing and swimming when I have to!

What’s your strongest and weakest sport? Skiing and running. Biking is a close second. Swimming is the weakest because I don’t do it enough.

How’s the training going?
Really well.  I have a month to get two work outs done each day, as I prepare for a tri and a long bike ride in August.

What challenges do you face in training and competing?
Getting out of bed early to get a long workout in before work.  I love starting my day this way, but having to get started by 6:00 a.m. is my biggest challenge.

How do you keep motivated?
Signing up for a few races or rides each year. I’m competitive by nature, so the idea of not finishing strong in the event keeps me training. Also, noticing more the effects of aging, keeps getting me out there.  I want to have a strong day of skiing on the weekends so I work out during the week.

Who or what inspires you? Watching other women accomplish great things while managing very busy lives with work and kids.  There are no excuses!!

What’s your dream Poppy Sports outfit?
That latest Dude Girl biking short and top. The white one with the purple chains on it!

Any words of wisdom you want to share or interesting tidbits about your life? I’ve enjoyed sports all my life in my spare time. At first after work and then backed off a little after I had a daughter and worked full-time. I continued to maintain a decent level of fitness, but was not really pushing it and was getting tired of running. I was inspired by my neighbor and friend, Melanie Mitchell, the founder of Poppy Sports, to join her in participating in a triathlon.  I had never tried one before.  So I did.  I have had so much fun adding biking and swimming to my repertoire.  I have more energy and have a  much more positive attitude.  I was feeling rather low about turning fifty.  I feel so much stronger and fitter than I ever have!  I had a much better finish at my first triathlon than I ever expected!  But that is another story.