Summer Vacation

Ten good things about the rain and sea level air in Scotland:

  • The grass is greener than green.
  • You never have to wear moisturizer and my skin is gorgeous.
  • It’s cool (bordering on cold, but we’re talking positives here.)
  • It’s good for product testing – the Raindrop Trench from Isis has been invaluable (and stylish)
  • Running at sea level calls for fast times – all that oxygen (not much of it in the high plains of Colorado!)
  • Two hour runs do not require the carrying of 3 pints of water with you.
  • Kids can play ‘chase the raindrops’ down the window for the first time.
  • Strawberries are melt in your mouth delicious with all that watering
  • It sorts out the men from the boys at the British Open at St Andrews.
  • Finally, when the sun eventually decides to show itself, it’s a cause for a great celebration!