Inclined for a Challenge


Starting Out!
The base of The Incline with Randi

Running (sort of ) The Incline – Manitou Springs, Colorado


Back in August, I met Randi at The Women’s Adventure 2010.  We bantered back and forth about activities, apparel and she mentioned a running group called the UpaDowners (up a mountain, down a beer – for those who are intrigued.)  The mountain in question is in Manitou Springs near Colorado Springs and the route is the fear-inducing The Incline and they attack it at least once a week.

Going Up!
The Incline
The Incline - yes it is as steep as it looks!

So this Thursday, which also happened to be Thanksgiving, I clad myself in Saucony’s Vizi-Pro gear, strapped on my head torch and joined Randi, her husband Steve, and my brother in law to take on the challenge.

Think one mile straight up on old cog railway sleepers, a 68% grade about two thirds of the way up and a false summit. It was lung bursting and amazing cardio workout and guess what, it was an absolute blast.

Some stats for those nerds amongst us:  The record is about 16 minutes (according to Google), Steve aka Mountain Goat, has done it in 27 minutes and me, I managed a pretty lame 55 minutes but hey, it was the first attempt and I will be going back to better that.

At the summit the lovely UpaDowners had a beer in their backpacks for everyone, then it was back down on a four mile trail run by which time it was pitch black and felt a little like the Blair Witch Project.

The sun is setting but my jacket just keeps getting brighter!
Which one is wearing the High Visibility gear?
At the Summit!