Tough Girl Dress by Skirt Sports: a dress for all ages

Running Dresses:  To Dress or Not to Dress

We’ve had such fun working through the performance fashion from Skirt Sports, a company that has proved itself to be progressive in challenging the norms of sports fashion and performance clothing.

Tough Girl Running Dress

It all started with their running skirts and they didn’t stop there.

They have broadened their offerings by adding capris, run tights, cycling clothes and leisure wear that all have high performance features for training hard and fashion elements for hard-earned play.

This winter season we have fallen for the Tough Girl Dress, an above the knee dress worn over the under skirt capris.

Sheering at the neck adds some real feminine charm, a cool design completes the fashion element.  Our testers have found it versatile for work, running and play – yes, running.  We tested the dress at a recent 5 mile run and it really does well.  The fabric is performance grade, it moves and paired with the capris is a great addition to a colder weather running outfit.

There has to be some benefits of winter running and this dress might just be one of them!

Personally, I love to travel in this dress.  It’s smart, yet as comfortable as your favorite sweat pants, and who doesn’t dream of walking off plane NOT looking like something the cat dragged in through the front door.

A Dress for 20, 40 or 70 Year-olds

Check out me and my Mum (almost 40 and almost 70) both wearing the Tough Girl Dress, proving that age is just a number and performance wear is for everyone.

At almost 70 my Mum golfs (no buggies in Scotland!), walks about 3 miles a day, and is constantly on the move.  We hope you all agree she looks fabulous!

Tough Girl #1
Tough Girl #2
Tough Girl #2

Someone asked me recently, why on earth would you run in a dress?

We reply,  ‘why not?!’

And also, why not throw on the dress with a pair of killer boots and a scarf and head out to the urban playground.

We have received so many compliments while wearing this dress around town and while traveling that we say, go forth, dress up, and take it to the trail!