Welcome Laura – Poppy Sports’ newest blogger


Laura Running
Running tall!

Allow me to introduce myself, one of Poppy Sports’ newest bloggers. I’m Laura, a Denver native and an obsessive runner, intermediate cyclist, rusty swimmer, and hopefully a beginner triathlete in the coming year. I have completed one full marathon, five half-marathons, four 10k’s, countless 5K’s, and one short-course duathlon.

I am preparing for a marathon in the fall when I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. and hope that my high-altitude marathon training will give me an advantage. Follow my posts for my marathon tips and more.  Running is my first obsession, but cycling has quickly moved up the ranks the past year.

Women as Athletes

I love the growing trend of women taking on the sports of running, cycling, and triathlon, and all the women’s athletic apparel that comes with it. I’m always one for a new pair of women’s running shorts, a new top, or a new running jacket (even though my bright-colored jacket collection has grown to gargantuan proportions).  As a newer cyclist and duathlon finisher, I’m learning the fabulous feel of a good cycling jersey and a pair of cycling shorts that doesn’t chafe.

Blogging with you

I’m excited to blog for Poppy Sports and spread the word to women who never thought they could finish a triathlon. The truth is, you can! You just need the right tools, the right training, and the right support.  So before you doubt yourself, just remember we women are in it together. And who can blame us for wanting a bright pink running top that wicks away moisture? (Well, I like pink, anyway. Pink and black are Team Laura colors!)

Summer training

So, Poppy Sports readers, I look forward to our summer together. I’ll keep you posted on my marathon training, nutrition (or my occasional lack thereof), give you some product recommendations and reviews, race and event re-caps, and whatever else you may fancy. And please, visit Poppy Sports for the newest and greatest women’s sports apparel!