Meet Dian: new blogger and cycling ambassador for Poppy Sports

Dian - blogging and a bike!
Dian - blogging and a bike!

Greetings from Tulsa!

I’m Dian, the cycling enthusiast of the Poppy Sports Blog Team. I’m very excited to join a women’s sports team as positively passionate about fitness, women’s athletic apparel, and especially about women supporting women in sports as I am! Multiple triathlons and duathlons, one marathon, a couple of half marathons, several century rides, numerous multi-day charity rides and tours, as well as hiking in the mountains all pave the roads of my athletic past and present.

Balancing athletic goals with time constraints

My exercising has unfolded like the numerous rolling hills that we cycle here in northeast Oklahoma. For the past 25 years, running, cycling, swimming, and yoga have consumed my life, often curving gently (or sometimes sharply) in the direction of one sport over another, but consistently finding the joys and challenges of sharing my journey with family and friends. I ride and run until family needs, an injury, or work create an encounter like one of the sudden, short 16% -grades climbs, which derails my fitness focus temporarily.

My current goals include the healing of traumatized ligaments around my knee as my life took an unexpected twist last February, manifesting in a torn ACL. This aspiration will involve finding balance – balance between aerobics and strength training as my ligaments begin to mend, balance between riding and recovery, and balance between the emotional obsession with exercise and the mental discipline to take some down time. Maybe swimming will work into my schedule again!

Sports Travel

Seeing mountains on the horizon, I look to navigate some previously unchartered roads this year. The Poppy Sports Team plans to ride the Deer Creek Challenge on August 21, and it’s my intention to leave the comfort of 648 feet above sea level to climb to an elevation over 8,000 feet. After that, I’m hoping to stick around Colorado to watch some of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, cheer on the pro women in the Aspen/Snowmass Women’s Pro Stage Race, and ride in the cooler, drier air of the Rockies. I love cycling; I especially love long mountainous climbs!

These days when I’m not sitting on the saddle of a bike, hunched over the handlebars hour after hour, you might find me encouraging novice cyclists, teaching yoga to kids, studying for personal training certification at a coffee shop, or walking my dog, a yellow lab named Jake. Of course, most likely I will be wearing bike shorts and cycling jerseys or yoga pants and a running jacket. I love it that women’s athletic apparel looks appropriate and feels comfy for most all but the dressiest of occasions.

Join me on my ride via the Poppy Sports blogs, including, but not limited to, interviews, apparel reviews, race reports, musings about exercise and life, training tips, to discover what roads are beckoning all of us to be ridden this year.

See you on the road!