Arm Cooler Compression Sleeves by RecoFit

Keeping your cool:  Arm cooler compression sleeves by RecoFit

Post by Laura Romero

Arm Coolers
Protect your arms from the sun and heat

I took the opportunity to try the arm coolers from RecoFit, a company based in Boulder, Colorado, that focuses on selling products that improve performance and aid in recovery. In addition to the arm cooler sleeves, they also sell compression sleeves for calves and legs to help reduce swelling and tenderness after a tough workout.

These sleeves serve as coolers for hot weather in addition to light compression. Given the hot weather Denver saw over the weekend, they came in handy. I tried them in a couple of ways. I initially tested them while running, at first without throwing on any water. I could feel cooler air when they were dry, but after a while they felt hot and restrictive. So, I poured some water on both arms and that made a difference. The temperature of the fabric decreased dramatically and they felt fabulous in the dry heat. However, I was mildly disappointed in that the water evaporated faster than I would have liked. I try to conserve water while on a run, so I used quite a bit of it to keep the sleeves cool. However, temperatures reached nearly 100 degrees, so that was likely a contributing factor.

My next test of the arm coolers was while cycling in slightly cooler weather (and by slightly cooler I mean 90 degrees). They didn’t dry out as quickly while on the bike as they did on my run and the water made an even bigger difference with faster moving air. It was as though I had swamp coolers on my arms.

It is also good to note that the fabric on these arm sleeves offers 50 plus UV protection which is why they are proving popular with ultra distance runners and cyclists.  Being out of the road for as long as they are, they know a thing or two about need skin protection from the sun.

I also found them to be useful in keeping cool moisture on my neck or even wiping sweat from my forehead – not their intended use, I realize, but their cool temperature felt good on my face. I found that the light compression of the arm coolers didn’t do much for me, but I also have small arms so they were a little big. (I guess I need to bulk up a little.)

While these arm cooler sleeves keep temperature focused on your arms (they don’t do much to cool any core body temperatures, for instance), having them can make a big difference as to how you feel when it’s hot outside. They assist with making stifling, dry air somewhat tolerable. I recommend them for anyone looking for an easy way to stay cooler in the summer heat. You can find them at the Poppy Sports store!