Leg Lube: Shaving for cyclists, runners, swimmers and more!


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Review by Laura Romeo—reluctant shaver and fast runner

Shaving for Cyclists
A bead is all you need!

Let me preface this review of Leg Lube by saying that I hate shaving. I always have and probably always will. I stopped using shaving cream several years ago because it was too messy, even though the result was smoother legs. I shaved in the shower using only water, and while my legs weren’t as smooth, it got the job done. I even tried those no-shave creams, and I hated those just as much because they had an awful scent. So, when I say that Leg Lube has helped me not dread shaving, that’s a good thing.

Owner Austin Baskett created Leg Lube as a triathlete who wanted a better product but didn’t see one on the market. Leg Lube is better than your average shave gel, and the fresh scent of mint and aloe is aromatherapy in the shower. It’s slick, easy, and you don’t need to use very much.

Leg Lube for fast legs
A quicker shave means more time to run!

The directions say you only need one “bead,” and admittedly I was dubious it wouldn’t be enough. I expected this gel to be like the rest; foamy and messy. I was pleasantly surprised. One bead was enough, and it wasn’t foamy at all. (Of course, you can use more if you need to, but I doubt you will.) It’s a clear gel that provides just enough lubrication on your skin that your razor glides along without leaving behind any nicks or cuts. I’m infamous for cutting myself right above my Achilles tendon, but not so when I used Leg Lube.

I first tried the gel in the shower. When compared to my normal shaving habit of only using water, Leg Lube made the process go much faster and with a much better result. The next time I hopped in the shower, I found that I wanted to shave – which is something I have never said. This gel leaves my legs feeling smooth and soft, and I’m unabashed to show them off in short running shorts.

One thing I rarely did was use traditional shave cream outside of the shower, because I hated the time it took to rinse that foamy stuff off the razor before the next stroke. While using Leg Lube still took more time outside the shower than in, the result was the same. I only needed gel the size of a pea, and I had no pesky cuts anywhere.

My only caveat with this product is that I had no accompanying Leg Lube lotion or cream for after shaving. I would love lotion with the same eucalyptus and aloe, since living in Colorado’s semi-arid climate can easily dry out one’s skin. And if it were made by Leg Lube, I know I’d be getting the same quality product.

While I can’t really say that shaving with Leg Lube made me run any faster, it made for softer skin and fewer cuts. I’d recommend to any athlete, or to just about anyone looking for a better way to shave.

Editor’s note: We hope the brains at Leg Lube will think about an accompanying lotion or cream for after the shave.  Great suggestion Laura!