About POPPYsports

About Poppy Sports


Poppy Sports is a unique mentoring hub for women athletes, helping them use their sport experience to build the success they want elsewhere in their lives.

Our mission is to build a strong and meaningful platform for women in endurance sports so they can be powerful voices in the new world ahead.


It all starts with a story, and our start is no exception. Our mission began while watching a little girl find her own voice through the power of someone called Poppy.

Once upon a time there was a girl who, from the day she was born, was an observer. She was uncomfortable being in the limelight and was shy to attention. When she was three years old, she started referring to herself as Poppy, even though that was not her given name.

In her young mind Poppy was her alter ego; a fiercely strong and feisty girl who could conquer all. Skip forward a decade or so and that little girl no longer has to call herself Poppy – she is on the path to becoming the young lady she saw in herself from that young age.

And that is how Poppy Sports was born. Inspired by a strong, feisty, gifted, deep, athletic girl who needed some support to help her along her journey.

Poppy Sports and our online hub is for every woman and girl; your aid station, your support, your sounding board. Our mission is to empower women to use what we learn from sport to build success in other areas of our lives.

We are here for you, and we know ‘Poppy’ approves.


No matter what kind of athlete you are or whatever level you compete, Poppy Sports has a place at our virtual table for you. What started with an idea has grown into a powerful community of women who inspires us every day.

We are active on social media @poppysports and ready for you to join the conversation.


We launched the Poppy Sports Member Hub – an inclusive mentoring program and community for all levels of women athletes.

For a small monthly stipend, every team member gains entry to the hub, benefitting from life mentorship monthly challenges based on tried and tested techniques for balancing life/work/sport.

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Poppy Sports Training provides a unique self-paced half Ironman training program to help busy women  the upper edge and make the race season your best.   Athletes usually have a good dose of self motivation.  What happens when you take that motivation and mix it with solid mental preparation and clear race season goals? You’re on the path to being the best athlete you can be.


Our mission is not only to get more women to the start line but also to inspire the next generation to become the athletes and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

We mentor female youth entrepreneurs helping them on the path to success and independence.

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